Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Please thank the people that make our schools great

May 2-6 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Providing an education to every child is not just about preparing students for successful employment in the future, it is the foundation of our democracy. Engaged citizens help a community thrive, and students that graduate from high school are more likely to remain engaged and active citizens, wherever their paths may lead them. We are lucky to live in a community that supports its local schools and understands the importance of education. The success of our students and the quality of our schools is reflective of the dedication of our employees. This includes the staff preparing school meals, answering the telephone calls, keeping the classrooms and hallways clean, counseling students, helping students safely cross the street, and teaching the children. During Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, May 2-6, let’s remember to thank the people who do such amazing work in our schools.

The work of educating our children is not just a job of our teachers. It takes a team of individuals, each with their specific role, working together to create positive learning environments in our schools. Many of us had a teacher who inspired us or guided us toward the path we would follow later in life. Or we remember a school secretary that always had a hello and a smile for us when we came to school. Or it’s the coach that told us to focus on the fundamentals or helped us perfect a certain skill. When we think back to our own school days, I am sure we can all recall someone who had a positive impact on our lives. The School District of Janesville is filled with dedicated employees that today’s students will someday look back upon as inspirations.

Without a doubt, our teachers and school staff work to solve problems that would baffle most of us. They do the amazing with fewer resources than would be expected for a task of such importance. They strive to create learning environments in our schools where every child is provided with an opportunity to learn and succeed. 

Our employees, with their compassion and dedication, have a far-reaching impact on our students and our communities. Please join me in thanking the teachers and staff in our schools for what they do for the students of Janesville—not just during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week—but throughout the year!

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