Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tokens for Teens

GUEST BLOGGER:  Carrie Kulinski
Homeless Liaison

Tommy makes the one and a half mile walk to school every day. He doesn't mind the walk when the weather is nice.  As November approaches, he quickens his pace as the cold wind burns his face. He dreads the approaching winter months and wishes his family could afford to provide him a ride to school.

The good news is that the School District of Janesville  has a program called Tokens for Teens to help Tommy get to school during the winter months.

What is Tokens for Teens?

For our low-income families, Student Services distributes bus tokens for students who don't have access to transportation, especially during the winter months.

Tokens for Teens relies on donations.

We seek sponsors to help our students from low-income families to get to and from school each day, and to school-related activities.

Sponsors can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or churches.

Sponsors can designate their donations to a specific school or school-related activity, or used as needed throughout the school district.

We are happy to accept donations of any amount.  To donate, please mail a check to School District of Janesville, Token for Teens, 527 S. Franklin St., Janesville, WI  53548.  All donations are tax-deductible; just ask our business office for a receipt. The following levels have been designated to identify our donors and offer special recognition for these sponsors as defined here:

Please consider a donation to Tokens for Teens! Contact Carrie Kulinski, Homeless Liaison at 608-751-7779 with any questions.

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