Thursday, November 12, 2015

SDJ and - Part I

GUEST BLOGGER:  Amanda Werner
Madison Elementary 5th Grade Challenge Program Teacher and Affiliate

Opening Doors of Opportunity 

Part I of a 3-part series

What is

Computer programming and elementary school are two phrases one would not normally connect in the same thought - not until recently. To help bridge the gap between the low numbers of computer science graduates and growing industry demand, American companies are clamoring for educational reform. Enter With the backing of powerhouse CS moguls such as Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon and many more, this nonprofit organization has developed a teacher-friendly, student-engaging, developmentally appropriate K-12 Computer Science curriculum.

Initially launched in February 2013, former Microsoft developers, Ali and Hadi Partovi, released a catchy YouTube video entitled “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” designed to urge more schools to offer computer science courses. The video went viral. After 15,000 schools reached out to them for help, they began creating what is now a full organization that supports a worldwide movement to expand quality computer science education to every student.

Building on the work of and partnering with other computer science education companies, designs courses appropriate for all ages, trains teachers, partners with school districts domestically and abroad, is working to change government policies, and is attempting to break CS stereotypes. believes “Anyone Can Code.” You be the judge.

Take a few minutes to explore one of their beginner course offerings:

  1. An Hour of Code
  2. Accelerated Intro Course
  3. Course 1 (non- or early-readers)
  4. Course 2 (readers new to computer programming)

For an overview of,

Watch CBS This Morning: Cracking the Code:

Stay tuned for next week’s installment - Why We Need Computer Programming in Elementary School

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