Tuesday, November 17, 2015

American Education Week

Last week Americans paused to give a well deserved thank you to all our veterans that served in our armed forces.  We cannot thank them enough for the sacrifice and dedication to their country.

As Superintendent, I would like to recognize another group of individuals that impact our world by serving our children.

November 16-20 is designated as "American Education Week." This week offers a special opportunity for Americans to honor individuals making a difference in our country through education.

In the School District of Janesville, we are privileged to acknowledge our staff for the quality education they continue to provide. We truly value our teachers and staff and want to pause to thank you for all you do for our students each and every day.  I appreciate your partnership on this "Journey to Excellence."  Thank you for focusing on student achievement, even during moments that are challenging. I am truly grateful.

We will be recognizing a few of our many outstanding employees who have significantly impacted students, classrooms, colleagues, or buildings across the district on December 2, 2015.  We are privileged to have them part of the School District of Janesville team! A reception in their honor will take place on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, at the Pontiac Convention Center. 

This year we will recognize the following individuals:

Support Staff of the Year

Tami Carlson, Administrative Services Secretary
Educational Services Center
Michelle Giuca, System Support Specialist
Educational Services Center
Carol Smith, Paraprofessional
Kennedy Elementary School
Deon Wentworth, Paraprofessional
Van Buren Elementary School
Laura Westenberger, Paraprofessional
Harrison Elementary School
Barb Roherty, School Nutrition Manager
Marshall Middle School

Teacher of the Year

Allison Arnold, Kindergarten Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School
Melissa Baier de Garcia, Spanish Teacher
Craig High School
Olga Hanna, English Language Learner
Jefferson Elementary School
*She is currently the new principal at Roosevelt Elementary School
Brittany McBride, 7th Grade Teacher
Franklin Middle School
Lisa Plewa, Kindergarten Teacher
Madison Elementary School

Educator of the Year

Dave Adler, At-Risk Coordinator
Franklin Middle School

Principal of the Year

Stephanie Pajerski, Principal
Van Buren Elementary School
Brett Berg, Assistant Principal
Franklin Middle School

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