Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Global Education Achievement Certificate Program

Coordinator of Title Programs 
ELL, Title I, World Language, and K-8 English Language Arts, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department

The School District of Janesville is proud to launch the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate / Global Scholar Program to our students.  This certificate will be awarded to graduating high school students who have demonstrated engagement with global issues throughout their high school careers by successfully completing courses, participating in co-curricular activities, and providing service efforts that have a global emphasis and foster the development of global competence. This recognition focuses and validates the excellent global education learning opportunities already in place within the School District of Janesville, while encouraging students to enroll in classes with global content in the arts, sciences, and humanities in order to explore global issues beyond the classroom. 

Graduates of the School District of Janesville in 2016 and beyond may be eligible for this recognition.  While most feasible for incoming freshmen (Class of 2019) who can plan from the beginning of their high school experience to attain the GEAC, it is possible that students in the classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018 may already be on track through coursework, co-curricular involvement, and service hours to meet the criteria, and they could choose to complete the reflections required in a condensed timeline. The intent is to include as many students as possible who meet the rigorous requirements.

Those requirements include the following:

              a.  Four credits in one world language (including English courses
                   for students whose native language is not English)
              b.  Four credits in courses with global content. One credit may be
                   one year of a second world language.
              c.  Eight Reflections demonstrating cultural literacy
                             1.  Minimum of four reflections on books
                             2.  Minimum of one reflection on art, music, or film
             d.  Participation in school wide global activities
             e.  A minimum of twenty hours work on a global service project.

In the next few weeks, students in all world language classes will be introduced to the Global Education Achievement Certificate program, including requirements, application process, and opportunities to participate in related activities, service projects, and experiences for reflection. 

Applications will be submitted in the spring and reviewed by a committee including district curriculum coordinators, student services staff, and teachers.  The committee will forward the names of students who have met all requirements to the Department of Public Instruction to issue the certificates.  In addition, students will receive the designation of “Global Scholar” on their transcripts. 

For more information, visit For student-specific guidance, families should contact their student’s world language teacher, social studies teacher, or guidance counselor.

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