Tuesday, May 26, 2015

National Physical Education Month

Guest Blogger-Carol Tyriver
Physical Education Teacher

In recognition of National Physical Education Month, the Elementary Physical Education teachers are proud to share a few of the amazing opportunities that our students participated in during the 2014-15 school year:
     1.  Technology use continues to grow in our Physical Education classrooms.  The students have been busy using pedometers, heart rate monitors, and iPad apps to learn more about their health and fitness. 

Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers, iPad Apps


    2.   A number of elementary schools held a Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart event to help raise awareness for heart health. This year, K-5th grade students in 8 schools raised more than $38,840 to help support the American Heart Association with its fight against heart disease and stroke.

Hoops for Heart, Jump Rope for Heart

    3.  With our focus on lifetime physical activity, elementary Physical Education teachers gained new training in implementing tennis and golf programs at the elementary level.  Thank you to the United States Tennis Association and First Tee School Golf Program for their awesome training and equipment. 

The First Tee School Golf Program



    4.  Many of our students experience skating for the first time in their Physical Education classes.  To help with the procedures of getting safety gear on, older students are “skating buddies”.  Both older and younger students benefit from this, as many students can be seen giving their “buddies” high fives or hugs in the halls after working together in Physical Education class!

Inline Skating Buddies

    5.  In the Heart Adventure Course, students act as blood cells picking up and delivering oxygen as they travel through the circulatory system.  The Heart Course is a culminating activity for our units on heart health.

Heart Adventure Course

    6.   Collaboration is the name of the game during many of our activities!  A great deal of time is spent learning the importance of working together as a team and supporting our teammates through good sportsmanship skills.  The picture below shows students working in teams to creatively build obstacle courses for the rest of the class to travel through.

Cooperative Obstacle Course Building


   7.  The Elementary All-City Track Meet is in its 88th year!  This time honored tradition is a favorite among students, teachers, parents, and even grandparents.  The track meets promote perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a non-threatening environment where all students can experience being a part of a team.

Elementary All-City Track Meet

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