Friday, May 1, 2015

Continuing on the Journey to Excellence

Continuing on the Journey to Excellence

Congratulations to Greg Ardrey, Steve Huth, and Carla Quirk on your recent election to the Janesville School Board.  The students and staff of the district look forward to you and your desire to continue our "Journey to Excellence."  We are moving in the right direction and our students are achieving.  Your commitment to this journey is greatly appreciated.

A big thank you to Deb Schilling and Dave DiStefano for the time and dedication you provided while on the Board.  Take a look back at our tenure and reflect on the great accomplishments the district has experienced while you served.  We cannot thank you enough for your leadership.

The School District of Janesville strives for "Educational Excellence."  The way we achieve this goal is by having dedicated staff and commissioners.  We applaud you for joining us on this "Journey to Excellence" as we continue to push for "Educational Excellence" for our students.

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