Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rock The School House Brings Educational Opportunities to Staff and Students.

For the second year in a row, the School District of Janesville held the volunteer driven fundraiser, “Rock The School House,” at the Janesville Performing Arts Center, on January 17, 2015. Funding raised from this uplifting event will provide revenue to offset cost for staff and students to participate in enriching, educational programs beyond classroom walls including possible travel to other cities, states, and countries. All educators in the School District of Janesville were formally invited on December 8, 2014 to submit a grant application.  Ten applications were received.

Last year, educators approached the grant application process with great enthusiasm, creative thinking, and a quest for programs relevant to today’s students’ interests and futures. Grants were awarded to:

Harrison Elementary School                            Parker High School
Bridges Conference                                          AP Government Field Study Seminar
Janesville/Beijing                                             Washington, D.C.
$1,500.                                                              $1,500

Craig High School                                           Janesville Academy for International Studies
Global Summit                                                 Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Shanghai, China                                               Monterey, California
$1,500.                                                              $1,500

Parker High School                                          Madison Elementary School
Rockin’ Robotics                                              Junior Achievement Biz Town
MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts                      Milwaukee, WI
$1,500                                                               $500

Roosevelt Elementary School                         Washington Elementary School
Junior Achievement Biz Town                        Junior Achievement Biz Town
Milwaukee, WI                                                Milwaukee, WI
$500                                                                 $500

Grants that will be awarded will not cover the entire cost for staff and/or students; funding simply helps defray the cost of the programs. Many of the staff and students that are hoping to receive funding this year generously volunteered their time organizing, promoting and participating in the event.  We also had many volunteer that simply did it to help out their colleagues and students in the School District of Janesville.  Grant applications have been submitted (not yet reviewed for award) for the following programs in 2015:

  • DECA Competition – Parker High School
  • 43rd Annual Washington Seminar Field Study – Parker High School
  • Critical Issues Forum International Conference – Rock University High School
  • Junior Achievement Biz Town – Washington Elementary School
  • Global Leadership Summit – Craig High School
  • China Ambassador’s Trip – Craig High School
  • Global Education Community Coach Training and Conference – Harrison and Roosevelt Elementary Schools
  • Experience England and France (Arts Exploration) – Marshall Middle School
  • Russian Exchange Program/ Russian Club – Craig High School
  • Robotics Regional Competition-Craig and Parker High School

 As in any formal grant process, there is a criterion in place for scoring the applications.

This event is a great opportunity to support your colleagues outside of school. The School District of Janesville greatly appreciates and applauds the professional musicians who stepped up to the microphone to pay it forward by “Rocking the School House” to benefit other educators and students.

In a time when district finances are shrinking, it is imperative that we continue to find ways to offset cost for staff professional development and student learning. Rock The School House, a positive event for the entire community, does this.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate next year and apply for a grant. We look forward to your continued support

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