Monday, January 19, 2015

Dr. King

Today, we pause to recognize a great a man who fought for Justice, Peace, and Equality for everyone. Many school districts were out today in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The School District of Janesville (SDJ) observes this day with a “Day On.”  During this day, each of our schools teaches students about the life and legacy of Dr. King. Students will be able to reflect and discuss what the dream meant to them and what they can do to carry out the dream of equality.

The School District of Janesville understands the importance of a quality education and how important it is for students to achieve. Having a “Day On” will allow us to continue to strive for excellence in the district. We believe in our mission statement: To serve our community by educating every child. The SDJ realizes that all students are not the same, so we work hard developing programs and policies to make sure all students succeed. This is how we are making sure we are keeping the dream alive.

Educational Excellence is our goal, one that we take seriously. Dr. King believed, valued, and fought for education. He wanted to make sure that all students were treated equally and had the same opportunities. The SDJ shares this sentiment and will continue to push for quality education for all students.

The SDJ applauds the effort, struggle, and fight for equality that Dr. King led. As your Superintendent, I thank each of you for your dedication to our students. You are making a difference in the lives of our future.

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