Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't Forget Your Rock the School House Tickets

The School District of Janesville will present “Rock the School House” on Saturday, January 17, 2015, at the Janesville Performing Arts Center (JPAC) from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Tickets are $10 for students, $15 for adults. This event is a fundraiser for several district organizations including: Washington Seminar, Global Youth Summit, Junior Achievement, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Bridges International Conference, Wisconsin Honors Project, Badger Boys/Girls State and others. Tickets are still available. You can purchase them from JPAC or the Educational Services Center (ESC). 

The blogs for the next few days will highlight various performers. Our next featured artists are:

The Frank & Company Band featuring four longtime veterans of the Janesville music scene with a combined 165 years of musical experience. The members include: Duane Millard (Keyboard/Vocals), Larry Bergdoll (Guitar/Vocals), Jim Millard (Drums/Vocals), and Debbie Millard (Bass Guitar/Driver of the Winnebago). Jim Millard states, “We not only play 60's and 70's music, we actually lived it.”

Swing Fish is a quintet with a varied song list, including Jazz, Blues, Country, and Classic Rock.  Their music includes original compositions as well as covers from artists such as the Doobie Brothers, John Mellenchamp, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Frank Sinatra, and Nora Jones.  Their motto? " Great music from fairly nice people."

The group has decades of experience and a sense of humor. Members include:
Steve Pease - vocals, piano, guitar, trumpet
Jerry Lehr - vocals, bass
Dave Viemeister - vocals, drums
Julie Sewell - vocals, percussion
John Schultz - vocals, trombone, percussion

Brian and Jan Knutson are music teachers for the School District of Janesville.  Jan is at Parker High School and Brian is at Washington and Jackson Elementary Schools.  Together they direct the summer school musical theatre program.  They have been soloists with the Beloit Janesville Symphony and appeared in musical theatre productions in the area.  They are happy to be a part of Rock the School House.

The Conway Family Band has been performing steadily for the last ten years both here and in Japan.  All members are multi-instrumentalists so the line-up changes often.  They play on average once a month.  Many of their shows are for charitable causes but the band also plays the local circuit here and the festival scene in Japan during summer break.  Dad is the guitarist and vocalist by default.  Yo (22) plays bass, Banjo, drums, guitar, and whatever is needed.  Richie (20) is lead guitarist, back-up bassist and back-up Drummer, Lee (16) is the band's primary Drummer and Henry (14) the main bass guitar player, keyboardist.

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