Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Global Educational Community Advisory Board Meets in Janesville

Please watch Channel 3 News tonight at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for a snip-it of what was discussed today at our first Global Educational Community Advisory Board meeting. The Gazette will be running a story in tomorrow's newspaper.  The School District of Janesville continues to be a major player in International linkages for our students.  

My continued thanks to educators such as Chris Kohn, Eric Wahl, Lee Gruber (now retired), Bob Getka, Tom Heiss, Lynn Little, Beth Ulring, Amanda Warner, Sandra Ardrey, Leah Hellenbrand, and oh, so many more that are putting Janesville on the map and attracting students to come study here.

Here is the vision, mission and core values of the Global Educational Community.


                        The Vision
The Global Educational Community (GEC) has been formed so that every educational community and its members can be provided with the knowledge and opportunities to conduct and learn from authentic opportunities in educational practice.  These opportunities shall be organized collaboratively and globally engaging people educationally with the world and its problems.                      

                              The Mission

GEC advocates the idea that all children can study and learn      together    as a global community.  In the process children,  their parents and their teachers can learn from, and teach each other as they are welcomed into a community where all can become more competent as global citizens.  They will be exposed to artistic, scientific, authentic, and practical resources and interventions – all available to families, schools and other related stakeholders

      Core Values
The values that underlie GEC and its work are: that we believe in harmony with diversity all open for development for all children globally as if they were our neighbors.

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