Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer School

Summer School is rapidly approaching (June 16), and I wanted to take this opportunity to review the many advantages to our district's summer program.

For our elementary students, Summer School is a great opportunity for academic enhancement. But it also provides students an environment for creative and general enrichment. Again this year 11 of our 12 elementary programs provide “neighborhood” opportunities. Five sites integrate Engineering is Elementary which includes exploration in science, technology, engineering and math. Each program is developed independently to offer these academic activities closer to home.

It's not all academic offerings. For example, new at Kennedy Elementary this year is Tumbling/Gymnastics for Fun, a course designed to teach students the basic skills and safety techniques used in tumbling and gymnastics.

For the seventh year, elementary Summer School will run four weeks. Fifth graders will have the opportunity to attend one of the three middle schools to prepare for fall sixth grade, meet new classmates and become acclimated to a new building.

Middle schools are offering a balance of enrichment and academic choices. Each middle school has a customized program based on individual student needs aligned with their school's improvement plan.

“Janesville Saunters”, “History Camp” and a new “Robotics Camp” are offered for the fourth through eighth grade students.

High School Summer School focuses on remediation to assist students in making up credits to meet graduation requirements. ACT and AP prep courses will also be offered to allow students to prepare for college entrance.

“All Shook Up” is the summer musical being offered.

I think you will agree that we offer a wide variety of opportunities in school ranging from academic courses to fun and cultural events.

There is still an opportunity to register for a summer school class if the class does not yet have maximum attendance.

Contact the school district at 608-743-5000 for more information.

Here are some of the activities and start dates:

Elementary School Sites Dates                                   High School Sites Dates

Adams 06/16 – 07/11                                                Craig First Session: 06/16 – 07/03

Harrison 06/16 – 07/11                                              Second Session: 07/14 – 07/31

Jackson 06/16 – 07/11                                               Parker First Session: 06/16 – 07/03

Jefferson 06/16 – 07/11                                             Second Session: 07/14 – 07/31

Kennedy 06/16 – 07/11                                             Rock River Charter 06/16 – 07/25

Lincoln 06/16 – 07/11                                               TAGOS 06/16 – 07/30

Madison 06/16 – 07/11

Monroe 06/16 – 07/11                                                Swim Sites Dates

Roosevelt 06/16 – 07/11                                             Edison First Session: 06/16 – 07/11

Van Buren 06/16 – 07/11                                            Second Session: 07/14 – 08/01

Washington 06/16 – 07/11                                          Franklin First Session: 06/16 – 07/11

Wilson 06/16 – 07/11                                                 Second Session: 07/14 – 08/01

                                                                                    Craig First Session 06/16 – 07/11
                                                                                    Second Session 0714 – 08/01
Middle School Sites Dates

Edison 06/16 – 07/11

Franklin 06/16 – 07/11

Marshall 06/16 – 07/11

TAGOS 06/16 – 07/30

For those of you looking for more summer fun and enrichment, sign up for our International Summer Institute.  Please contact Denise at 743-5055.

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