Friday, June 27, 2014

Bridges-Global Educational Conference

The Bridges-Global Educational Community Conference unites students, teachers, parents, and community members in classrooms around the world from January-July 2014.

Part of the conference will include an International Arts Festival hosted by The School District of Janesville (SDJ) that will take place July 23-27, 2014. The festival will showcase projects that have developed from this cross-cultural collaboration.

The blogs for the next several days will feature videos entitled “Bridges.” These videos will show how several SDJ schools participated in “Bridge Building” activities that are another part of the conference.

What is “Bridge Building?” It is promoting mutual understanding and communication between and among people with different backgrounds (Senior Citizens/Youth, Veterans/Non-Veterans, etc.).

The first video will explain how the district got involved, what the conference is about, and how can you get involved.

Please contact us at 608-743-5000 for additional information.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Congratulations Parker High School Baseball Team

Congratulations to Coach Brian Martin and the Parker High School baseball team for an outstanding season. As Superintendent, I am very proud of your accomplishment.

Coach Martin stated it best in his comment, “When we focus on things and have a goal and a way to attain it, we’ve come through.  The approach has been, let’s play one pitch at a time.”  This philosophy earned Parker a top ranking in the Big Eight Conference.

With a record of 22-5, the team finished second place in the Big Eight Conference, another great accomplishment.  The last time Parker High School qualified for the WIAA state baseball tournament was in 1992 (22 years ago).  The coach at that time was Mr. Dan Madden.

Parker defeated the Bay Port Pirates by a score of 4-3 in their first game of the tournament to advance to the semi-finals.  There they met the Sun Prairie Cardinals.  The WIAA state tournament is taking place at the Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium, Grand Chute, WI, from Tuesday-Thursday of this week.

Congratulations! You have made the School District of Janesville extremely proud.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lunch Balances

Many people have asked the question, “Why am I receiving phone calls from the School District of Janesville’s Foodservice Department?”  This is a good question, especially since the school year (except for summer school) has ended.

Mr. Jim Degan, Foodservice Manager, cites the following reason:  “To inform parents of an outstanding balance on a student’s lunch account.”

Alert Now messages are sent out to all parents of students with negative balances on their accounts so that the parents are aware of the amount owed to the School District for meals students have already consumed for this year.  The Alert Now messages will continue until the outstanding balances are paid in full.

Please contact Mrs. Cynthia Tiffany, Foodservice Secretary, at 608-753-5132 to make payments.

Enjoy your summer.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day

As we look forward to a great weekend in Janesville, I want to salute all our dads and hope they have a great Father’s Day on Sunday.

Every once in a while it is energizing to stop for a minute and look at the many things in life we can be thankful for. Our fathers are at the top of that category.

For those of you who can share Sunday with your dad, take time to thank him for the love he gives every day and the sacrifices he has made over the years to make sure you had every opportunity to succeed. You know he’s so proud of you. His love is unconditional – there’s nothing expected in return.

Some have lost their father, but they think of him on a daily basis. There are so many people in our community who watched their dads work at the GM plant or Parker Pen, for example, in a continual effort to provide their children with a better life. Many of their children were first-generation college students and graduates. Many of them went on to become teachers in the same school district they attended.

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a loving, caring dad. For some, including some of our students, the family unit does not include a dad. We recognize the challenges faced by those students. That's one reason we pledge to not only educate every child, but to provide all our students with a safe and caring learning environment.

Dads are largely responsible for generations of a better educated citizenry, many of whom have dedicated their working lives to making sure every child receives a great education.

I applaud our dads who play multiple roles such as a loving parent, a role model, a mentor and, occasionally, an emergency auto mechanic when the car breaks down on the way to prom.

If you can spend Sunday with your dad, just hug him - squeeze him tight and tell him how much you love him. He may be a little shy, but it will make his day.

For those who can no longer share the day with dad, keep thinking about him and how important he was. He’s always by your side.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Salary Increases


The purpose of this Blog is to ensure all employees have an accurate understanding of the salary increase approved by the Board on June 3, 2014.

All employees in the JEA bargaining unit will receive a 1.46% increase on their base wage and on their supplemental pay unless they are on an intensive or remedial supervision plan.  Employees on intensive or remedial supervision plans will not receive an increase in salary.  

Base wage in our District is calculated at BA + 0 or MA + 0 depending on the requirements of the current position.  Supplemental pay is the difference between base wage and total salary.  As a result of this increase all employees in the JEA bargaining unit with the exception of those already noted will receive a 1.46% increase on their total wage.

All other employees in the District will receive a 1.46% salary increase on their total wage.

There is no plan to change supplemental pay to a rewards based system.  We expect all employees in the JEA bargaining unit to continue to receive their supplemental pay.  In 2015-2016 an incentive plan and salary structure will be put in place.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer School

Summer School is rapidly approaching (June 16), and I wanted to take this opportunity to review the many advantages to our district's summer program.

For our elementary students, Summer School is a great opportunity for academic enhancement. But it also provides students an environment for creative and general enrichment. Again this year 11 of our 12 elementary programs provide “neighborhood” opportunities. Five sites integrate Engineering is Elementary which includes exploration in science, technology, engineering and math. Each program is developed independently to offer these academic activities closer to home.

It's not all academic offerings. For example, new at Kennedy Elementary this year is Tumbling/Gymnastics for Fun, a course designed to teach students the basic skills and safety techniques used in tumbling and gymnastics.

For the seventh year, elementary Summer School will run four weeks. Fifth graders will have the opportunity to attend one of the three middle schools to prepare for fall sixth grade, meet new classmates and become acclimated to a new building.

Middle schools are offering a balance of enrichment and academic choices. Each middle school has a customized program based on individual student needs aligned with their school's improvement plan.

“Janesville Saunters”, “History Camp” and a new “Robotics Camp” are offered for the fourth through eighth grade students.

High School Summer School focuses on remediation to assist students in making up credits to meet graduation requirements. ACT and AP prep courses will also be offered to allow students to prepare for college entrance.

“All Shook Up” is the summer musical being offered.

I think you will agree that we offer a wide variety of opportunities in school ranging from academic courses to fun and cultural events.

There is still an opportunity to register for a summer school class if the class does not yet have maximum attendance.

Contact the school district at 608-743-5000 for more information.

Here are some of the activities and start dates:

Elementary School Sites Dates                                   High School Sites Dates

Adams 06/16 – 07/11                                                Craig First Session: 06/16 – 07/03

Harrison 06/16 – 07/11                                              Second Session: 07/14 – 07/31

Jackson 06/16 – 07/11                                               Parker First Session: 06/16 – 07/03

Jefferson 06/16 – 07/11                                             Second Session: 07/14 – 07/31

Kennedy 06/16 – 07/11                                             Rock River Charter 06/16 – 07/25

Lincoln 06/16 – 07/11                                               TAGOS 06/16 – 07/30

Madison 06/16 – 07/11

Monroe 06/16 – 07/11                                                Swim Sites Dates

Roosevelt 06/16 – 07/11                                             Edison First Session: 06/16 – 07/11

Van Buren 06/16 – 07/11                                            Second Session: 07/14 – 08/01

Washington 06/16 – 07/11                                          Franklin First Session: 06/16 – 07/11

Wilson 06/16 – 07/11                                                 Second Session: 07/14 – 08/01

                                                                                    Craig First Session 06/16 – 07/11
                                                                                    Second Session 0714 – 08/01
Middle School Sites Dates

Edison 06/16 – 07/11

Franklin 06/16 – 07/11

Marshall 06/16 – 07/11

TAGOS 06/16 – 07/30

For those of you looking for more summer fun and enrichment, sign up for our International Summer Institute.  Please contact Denise at 743-5055.