Saturday, May 10, 2014

PTA Announces Winners

42 Students Receive PTA Honors for Achievement in the Arts

Nearly 300,000 students from across the country, and in American schools overseas, participate annually in the National PTA’s Reflections program. The awards program spans six arts categories (Dance Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Photography, Literature, and Visual Arts) across four grade divisions and the Special Artist Division, intended for students whose physical, cognitive or mental health challenges meet ADA guidelines. This year, students explored the arts and the world around them through the theme “Believe, Dream, Inspire!” The highest award level is “Grand Winner”. Janesville’s nine Grand Winners move on to the National Reflections competition. National Reflections winners will be announced in May 2014, at the National PTA Convention in Austin, Texas. Grand Winner is followed by: Outstanding Interpretation; Awards of Excellence; then Awards of Merit.

Janesville’s 42 Winners of PTA Reflections at the State level are:                            

Adams Elementary School PTA                                                                                            

Grand Winner:
Maggie Giese – Music           

Awards of Excellence:          
Zander Davis – Film
Avalynn Ecklund – Photography
Ella Biege – Photography
Daniel LeDeserma - Visual Arts
Awards of Merit:
Jayden Murwin – Photography
Evelynn Paull – Visual Arts
Special Artist Grand Winner:
Chance Kirchner - Photography 

Franklin Middle School PTA
Grand Winners
Rakiya Campbell – Literature
Keegan Thiele – Visual Arts

Outstanding Interpretation
Devin Rowan – Literature
Lauren Zhe – Photography
Kiley Thiele – Visual Arts

Awards of Excellence
Kristin Dravus – Literature
Diana Perez – Visual Arts 

Edison Middle School PTA
Grand Winner:
Cecilia Harold - Film 

Madison Elementary School PTA
Grand Winner
Isabelle Holmes - Music Composition, Intermediate

Outstanding Interpretation
Jack Cantwell - Visual Arts, Primary

Award of Excellence
Erika Dreksler – Photography, Primary
Kealand Sauser - Music Composition, Intermediate
Award of Merit
Emma Perry – Literature, Intermediate
Aleaha Hagen – Literature, Intermediate

Marshall Middle School PTA
Grand Winner
Brittany Streuly - Music Composition
Outstanding Interpretation
Amaya Mansell - Music Composition
Award of Excellence
Kiariah Becker - Literature
Julia Wittman - Literature
Megan Anderson – Photography
Brielle Valet – Visual Arts
Kristin Coggins – Visual Arts
Mary Ellen Schmidt - Music Composition
Avanya Smith Kooiman - Music Composition
Aya Saleh - Music Composition

Awards of Merit 
Whitney Skinner- Music Composition
Camrin Thong- Music Composition

Roosevelt Elementary School
Grand Winners
Juliana Eno – Dance, Intermediate
Jessa Alderman – Literature, Intermediate


Awards of Excellence
Emma Bennewich – Dance, Intermediate
Emily Johnson – Visual Art, Primary

 Awards of Merit
Elise May – Visual Art, Primary
Owen Jenson - Visual Arts, Intermediate

Van Buren Elementary School
Outstanding Interpretation
Ashley Nickols – Visual Arts, Intermediate

Washington Elementary School
Grand Winner
Emilie Curtis – Visual Arts, Intermediate

The Reflections program is the National PTA’s cornerstone arts program. It was developed in 1969 by Colorado’s PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Since then, the Reflections program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork. National PTA believes every child deserves a quality arts education. Participation in arts programs like Reflections levels the playing field for underserved students, develops the whole-child, nurtures creativity and teamwork, and connects families and schools to one another and to their communities. Learn more at

Thirteen of Janesville’s public schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Each school PTA unit is responsible for coordinating participation in the Reflections program. The Janesville Area Council PTA assists local units by providing information about the State and National program. Winners chosen at the local level were forwarded on to state competition where they competed against entries from all over Wisconsin. 
Roosevelt Elementary School PTA Reflections Chairperson, Jessica May, stated, "The PTA Reflections Program is a wonderful way to showcase the arts in our schools.  It gives students the ability to express themselves by designing a project that utilizes music, art, dance, film, photography or literature. This rewarding program encourages students to explore their emotions and talents through the arts.  As a parent, Reflections coordinator and educator, I feel this program gives beneficial and rewarding opportunities for students to discover and focus on their own unique creative voice."

For more information contact:  Renae Henry
                                                            President, Janesville Area Council PTA


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