Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tokens for Teens

What is Tokens for Teens? 

A transportation program geared to assist low-income families who may not have access to transportation throughout the year due to financial challenges.  Since the school district does not provide bus transportation to all students, this program is critical, especially during the winter months.

Tokens for Teens rely on donations to help students from low-income families get to and from school and school-related activities each day.

Sponsors can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or churches. They can designate their donations go to a specific school or school-related activity, or to be used as needed throughout the school district.  

Thanks to the City of Janesville’s new Youth Token bus fare (at one-half of the full fare price) the Tokens for Teens program will be able to provide even more bus tokens to students!

Due to a donation from Data Dimensions, 50 students were able to ride the bus everyday for an entire month. When we asked Sandy Bennet from Data Dimensions why they participated she stated, “Our children are our future.  No one asks to be born or for the situation they are born into.  If something as simple as providing a means to get to school will help our children attain their dreams and lead our community in the future, we all need to pitch in and make it happen.  It’s just one way we feel we can make a difference in the lives of our young community members.”

We are grateful for the partnership with Data Dimensions, and we thank them for their donation and support in helping us in our goal of “Educational Excellence” for all students.

To donate, please mail a check to the School District of Janesville, Tokens for Teens, 527 S. Franklin St., Janesville, WI, 53548.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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