Friday, April 25, 2014

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Learning About Ocean Animals from a Marine Biologist Virtually
Posted to Facebook on 4-21-14

Kindergarten classes at Roosevelt and Jefferson Elementary schools learned about the amazing animals in the ocean from marine biologist, Abbie Hines. Ms. Hines resides in the United Kingdom but does most of her work in the Seychelles, islands located in the Indian Ocean. She is also a marine educator, diver, conservationist, founder of WiseOceans (, and a project leader for Save our Seas Foundation ( running a school's marine education project in Seychelles.

The lesson is called "Let's See Who Lives in the Sea" and is a visual look at the variety of creatures that live in our oceans.  Students got to see a selection of photos highlighting some of the incredible diversity we have in our oceans. The students were able to hear a short explanation of the different creatures from a real life marine biologist!

Ms. Hines’ goal with virtual lessons is to give students knowledge about life in the oceans so that we all are much more likely to preserve it. By instilling this at a young age we really start to develop budding young marine biologists.

The students were able to ask a variety of questions, ranging from Ms. Hines’ life as a marine biologist to wonderings about the variety of animals such as, "how do turtles eat jellyfish"?

It was an informative and once in a lifetime experience for these students.


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