Monday, March 31, 2014

Time To Vote

Today’s blog is short and sweet - get out there tomorrow and vote!

Yes, in some cases every single vote counts. I have a friend who lived in a small community in northern Wisconsin who helped elect a city council member by one vote. My friend voted for the winner, so there was a constant reminder that his vote mattered.

It is unlikely, but possible, that one vote will decide a contest on tomorrow’s ballot. But, it has happened. In the 1980s, an Assembly representative from Milton was elected by a single vote. After several recounts, he was seated and went on to win re-election more than once.

But, even if your single vote does not mean the difference between winning and losing, your vote does matter. It represents a collective influence. You and thousands of others join together to exercise a right we often take for granted here in the United States, but millions around the world fight for and are willing to die for.

Without our right to vote, we lose control of our government, whether it is local, state or federal. By voting, we reaffirm our desire to retain control. We have the opportunity tomorrow to send a signal to those who run for office. The obvious signal is an indication of who we want to hold office, but we also send a signal that we take our responsibility as citizens seriously, and we intend to exercise the right to vote and control our government.

I encourage you all to get out to the polls tomorrow and exercise that right.

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