Monday, March 17, 2014

Cullen Interns

One of our district’s outstanding “beyond the classroom walls” programs is the Tim Cullen Government Intern Program, now entering its 11th year. Through the generosity of Tim and his wife, Barb, the program is privately funded and provides each intern with a $400 weekly scholarship for the six-week summer school program.
I am featuring the program today for two reasons. First, I enjoy highlighting great programs. Tim and Barb have started what I hope will be a long-standing tradition of providing our students with real, hands-on experience in state, local and federal government operations. The interns have a home base with legislators in the Capitol, but they spend a great deal of time outside those offices at briefings with government and private sector experts in various areas at all levels of government.

I also want to remind students, staff and parents that a deadline is approaching to apply for the program. High school juniors with an interest in government should apply and return their applications by Mar. 21 to Kate Bennett at Parker and Angela Nickel at Craig.

Again, that deadline is this Friday, March 21.

I encourage all interested students to apply for this paid internship. It is a premiere offering in our summer school curriculum, thanks to the Cullens. The Van Galder Bus Company solves transportation needs by providing free tokens for the inters' trips to and from Madison.

Be sure to get the word out and encourage high school juniors interested in government to apply. Also remember, the deadline for returning completed applications to Bennett at Parker or Nickel at Craig is this Friday, March 21.

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