Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inclement Weather Make Up Days

This year we have experienced our share of days off due to inclement weather. Making this decision was not as easy as one may think.  There was much discussion that took place days before the decision was made.

Sometimes this decision cannot be made until the day of cancellation as
it seems the weather has a mind of its own.  We can get the prediction of a huge snowfall or below zero weather but we all know that could change in an instant.

Discussion and decisions do not end with the cancelling of school; it is only the beginning. The task of deciding how to make up the days begins.  Several factors must be considered, such as what days should we choose, what affect will it have on parents and students, what affect will it have on district staff.

The recommendation to the Board of Education was to add the days to the end of the school year. This brings me to the point of today’s blog.  A question was posed in the Janesville Gazette concerning how hot it will be at the end of the school year. The question that was asked was, “Didn’t taxpayers pay for air conditioners in schools?”. This is an excellent question.  The truth is that only 4 out of our 20 school buildings are completely air-conditioned. They are: Craig and Parker High Schools, Marshall Middle School, and Kennedy Elementary.  The rest of the schools are not completely air-conditioned.

In making this decision we try to find the least disruptive way to implement make up days. Adding them to the end of the school year allows the most flexibility should we need to add additional days.

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