Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rock River Charter School

Rock River Charter School is located in downtown Janesville. Because of its small size, the staff is able to offer individual attention to each student. Staff works with students to complete the requirements needed to successfully complete their high school education. Staff members are committed to helping students by meeting their needs and giving them the tools they will need to be successful on their journey through life.  

Rock River Charter School provides 180 students with educational services through five programs.  All of the students who attend Rock River Charter School have experienced barriers to high school success.  Rock River Charter School provides students with a small learning environment and dedicated staff members to help them reach graduation.  Last year, 106 students earned their high school diplomas as a result of attending Rock River Charter School.  Eighty percent of the students who were enrolled were successful as defined by either graduating or by remaining an eligible student.

As a trade off for a shortened schedule, all students who attend Rock River Charter School must make up any time they are absent from school.  To track academic progress, students take the same district and state academic exams as other Janesville high school students.

The Alternative Education Program serves students in grades 9 - 11.  The school day begins at 8 am and concludes at 1 pm.  Students enroll in five academic classes daily covering the four core content areas and one elective.  For students who struggle in math and reading, electives are available which support their growth in literacy and numeracy.

The SAPAR programs serve teenage parents in the last two trimesters through the first six months of infancy.  Students enroll in three core academic classes in addition to a parenting class and a social issues class.  Field trips, as well as community presenters, provide the teen parents with parenting skills as well as area resources.  

The Night School Program serves juniors and seniors who are credit deficient in order to increase their math and reading skills to a level where they can pass the entrance exam for the GED Option 2 Program.  In addition to academic remediation in numeracy and literacy, Night School students also participate in field trips in the community designed to increase their classroom engagement.

The GED Option 2 Program serves seniors who are credit deficient but have high school appropriate math and reading skills.  In this two semester program, students study to take the four GED tests.  Additionally, they complete a portfolio of academic work.  After passing all four tests and completing the portfolio, students graduate with a high school diploma.

The E-Learning Program serves seniors who have at least 13.5 credits.  The students work independently in the classroom using the online PLATO curriculum to earn the rest of their high school credits.  Two certified teachers and two para-professionals provide academic assistance to the students.

Throughout all of the programs at Rock River Charter School, community service and developing school engagement are key priorities.  Rock River Charter School staff members seek to guide students toward the development of a post-secondary career or educational plans.

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