Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Franklin Middle School Participates In Video Conference

“The Lion King, sun, animals, heat, black, Nelson Mandela, art, drums.” These are just a few of the words written by Franklin Middle School students in response to the prompt, ‘When I hear the word Africa, I think…’

A group of 8th grade art students from Franklin Middle School recently participated in a video conference with the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.  Art Teacher, Mindy Remley, and TAG Advocate, Sean Gremminger, organized the event.

To participate in the video conference, students had to turn in parental permission slips, do research on African art and submit a written report or drawing.

The conference lasted about an hour. It consisted of visuals and discussions on centuries old ancient African art, including work of modern artists who chronicle the contemporary world and our place in it. Students were engaged and interested the entire hour and took notes throughout, without prompting. There was ample time to answer and ask questions and the experience was positive for all involved.

At the end of the hour, students were asked to write a response to the following prompt, ‘NOW, when I hear the word Africa, I think…’

Their responses were as follows, “Inspiration, depth, culture, tradition, unique, artistic statements, masks, jewelry, paintings.”

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