Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's Right In Education

Grants, Donations, and Student Achievement

The month of December is starting out to be another great month.  We have received several grants, held successful fundraisers, and continued to strive for “Educational Excellence”. A big thank you to all staff members who have gone the extra mile in helping to secure the grants, participate or organize fundraisers.

Please allow me to highlight a few things:
Grants, Donations, and Gifts:
·         Van Buren Elementary School finished second in the U.S. Cellular “Calling all Communities Contest” and will receive $25,000 for digital technology.
·         Rock River School- $10,000 CLC grant, Scoopie Night $318.10, Flapjack Fundraiser $508.60  
·         Madison School- Donations of food for their “Feast of Friendship”, Parker Shrek performers donated a book to each K-3 grade classroom. AFSCME donated 4 $25 Toys R Us gift cards for 4 families.
·         Harrison Elementary- $100 in Toys R Us gifts cards from the AFSCME union.

We are extremely grateful for all of the hard work staff does in securing additional revenue for the district.
Student Achievement
·         Rock River School- 100% pass  rate on GED tests (7/7)
·         Madison Elementary School- Kahler Thiele from Mrs. Werner’s 5th grade class was featured on the front page of “Kicks” in the Janesville Gazette entertainment section for his role in the holiday show “A Fireside Christmas.”
·         Harrison fourth grade students utilized a project based, hands on experience to design a city while incorporating a multitude of geometry skills.  Students took on roles of designer and architect in order to create an imaginary city with lines, angles, shapes, and their own creativity.  All of the students were able to increase their summative grade with 95% of students showing a proficient understanding of classifying shapes by their properties and accurately measures angle types and lines.

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