Friday, December 20, 2013

Employee Engagement Survey

A valuable tool in our continuing march toward academic excellence is the ability to determine employee engagement. We want every employee in the SDJ, who is willing to join us in that march, to feel valued, contribute to our goals and have the tools necessary to succeed.

The Employee Engagement Survey is the most significant indicator of employee satisfaction. We administer the survey two times per year and we now have five years of data.

While we value the survey, we have listened to your comments regarding changes you would like to make, including eliminating some of the redundancy in the questions.  We are currently collecting and reviewing the final comment sheets from each school and department. 

For comparison purposes 14 core questions will remain the same.  We are asking all employees for recommendations on whether to modify or eliminate existing non-core questions or introduce new questions. If you haven’t been asked your opinion, please view the attached 14 core questions that we will continue to use and the 39 questions from the original survey.  Please give your supervisor any changes you would like to see before the end of the day on Friday, December 20, 2013. 

I deeply care about our employees and your comments and concerns. I want you all to be involved in the Employee Engagement Survey.

As principals and supervisors connect with you for recommendations regarding the survey, we will take some time to make sure the survey better reflects your suggestions. This will take some time; therefore, our traditional survey time of December has been pushed back to late January or early February. We plan to administer the second survey this school year at the traditional time in May.

Naturally, we would like to see a “strongly agree” response on every question. However, we will consider every response from every employee, including those who “strongly disagree.”  For example, if we are not providing materials and supplies needed to do your job, we want to know. I can assure you we will follow up and do everything possible to get you those materials and supplies.

The Employee Engagement Survey is a key component in our continuing journey to excellence.  Thank you for your contribution in creating the 2013-14 Employee Engagement Survey.

Here is the link to the survey 

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