Friday, November 1, 2013

UPDATED - Community Use of District Facilities - Pools

A previous post on the lap swim issue contained inaccurate information. Here is the corrected version.

You may have recently heard discussions regarding possible reductions of city lap swim programs.

It is important that we all understand who is involved in these discussions and what, if any, changes in the lap swim program are being considered. There is some misinformation and confusion regarding this issue, and I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Our school district has a contract with the city’s Leisure Services Department which includes, amongst many fees, a $50 per hour rental fee for the use of the district’s pools. Both parties agreed that this was a reasonable fee and, thus, it was included in the contract signed by both parties. The amount of this fee has remained unchanged since the contract was signed.
Charges to individuals and groups and the hours of operation for the lap swim program are determined by the city. The district is not involved in the management of the lap swim program under the terms of the contract with the city.

While the district has not been asked to be a part of the ongoing Janesville City Council discussions regarding the continuation of the lap swim program, we have recently been approached by city government representatives to possibly re-examine and potentially revise portions of the entire Leisure Services contract, not just the portion that would relate to the lap swim programs.  The district would welcome the discussion as there could be opportunities involving all programs that could benefit all parties.

The School District of Janesville is and remains a committed community partner and works to make our community a better place. Providing public access to our facilities, when appropriate, is an example of how we operate according to the district’s mission – “To serve our community by educating every child.” That community service includes our facilities, the annual food drive, our work with United Way and many other community activities.

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