Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The School District of Janesville Partners with HP to Carry Out Its Strategic Vision

Our mission is simple – “To serve our community by educating every child.” To accomplish that mission, it’s necessary to explore and adopt innovative classroom technologies to achieve high student achievement.

To that end, we have partnered with HP to create a strategic collaboration resulting in overall reliability of our computer functions. HP has worked with us to provide desktop and notebook PCs to match disparate and often competing student and staff needs.

The district has recently added 250 HP Pavilion Chromebooks to its inventory of HP desktops and notebooks. The Chromebooks were chosen after testing other products.

“We tested three other vendor models, and the HP Pavilion Chromebook won hands down,” said Dr. Robert Smiley, the district’s chief information officer. “My technicians liked the large keyboard and screen size, the sturdiness of the hinge and all the power inside.”

The Chromebooks run the Google Chrome operating system which is optimized for educational resources on the web. This enables teachers to integrate content into lessons and encourages students to create and share documents.

The HP products and platform are integrated into personalized learning tools such as Moodle, Edmodo and DisplayNote.

“Because we have HP stability in our desktop PCs, notebooks and Chromebooks, we can work with tools like DisplayNote and let teachers take content from their mobile devices to show on a whiteboard,” Smiley said. “That has not been possible until now to change the way we teach in classrooms.”

These technological advances allow us to cultivate a culture of bold innovation to ensure that we serve our community by educating every child.

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