Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfection Becomes Contagious at the School District of Janesville - Congratulations Wilson Elementary 100%!

“What can I say, they scored 100.” That was the reaction from inspectors who were asked how two Janesville schools could get perfect food service scores in one month.

Joining the Parker food service team is Wilson Elementary School. The district was notified earlier today that the Wilson food service team scored a perfect 100 on its last Food Protection Inspection Report, an annual inspection of food service facilities conducted by the Rock County Health Department. Earlier this month, Parker also scored a perfect 100.  I can tell you that I am overwhelmed by the Wilson and Parker perfect scores, but I’m not surprised. These are two food service teams that deserve a perfect score. They have accomplished this goal through a commitment to our health and safety district pillar which calls for all of us to protect our students and provide a healthy and safe environment to promote improving student achievement.

Jim Degan, School District of Janesville manager of Nutrition Services, said that like Parker, the Wilson accomplishment was the result of a team effort.  ”First of all, our hats go off to the Wilson nutrition staff; hostess Monica Burkheimer, helper Debra Wolf, and helper Beth Heilman,” Degan said. “The custodial staff also played a large part in the dally cleaning and sanitation at Wilson.”

The district’s assistant manager of Nutrition Services, Laurie Meehan, was also credited with setting a high bar.  “Laurie’s work over the past few years with the district’s Food Safety and Sanitation Plan has really paid off,” Degan said. “Wilson Principal Kim Peerenboom promotes a positive work environment which results in all staff pitching in to get the job done, no excuses.”
We have not always received scores of 100. I’m reminded that at Wilson the score was 71 in 2008. In 20011 and 2012, Wilson received a score of 99. This year Wilson achieved perfection.

Please join me in congratulating Wilson school and its school nutrition staff.  Perfection – it’s obtainable, as the Wilson and Parker food service, custodial and maintenance staffs have demonstrated.

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