Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CoWriter for All Students

Dr. Robert Smiley, CIO

In this Technology Update, Kathy White, Assistive Technology Specialist, shares an important lesson on CoWriter and how it can be used to help all students regardless of an IEP or not.  We believe that all kids can learn, and that all kids can learn to high levels of achievements.  Assistive Technology is one way that we can assure that all children are learning to the best of their abilities, and Co-Writer is one of those tools that can help.

If you have a particular standard in the Common Core that a student isn't mastering, consider if Co-Writer can help.  It might also be useful as you prepare students for a CBA or for the WKCE.  Wherever you are in the pacing charts, consider if Co-Writer can help a struggling student to use. 

Co-Writer is licensed for all students and staff to use - anywhere in the District - and it isn't just for Special Ed., it's for all kids who could use a boost.  As a staff member, maybe it would help you too.  Kathy can help individually, or you can work with your school's Assistive Technology representative.

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