Monday, October 14, 2013

Over 100 FMS Sixth grade students spend exhilarating morning with Swiss Scientist

Janesville International Education Program (JIEP) in action!

Sixth grade students at Franklin Middle School interviewed Swiss Professor Dr. Frank Ruhli regarding his research on Ötzi the Iceman. The Iceman was found in September, 1991 in the Ötztal Alps, near the Similaun mountains on the border between Austria and Italy.

Questions from the students included the following:

How long did you work on the Iceman?

We worked on Ötzi over the course of several weeks

How did Ötzi's skin feel?

I only touched the Iceman with gloves but his skin felt very smooth, like touching ice cream.  The skin was very well preserved.

What was his last meal?  

Ötzi's last meal was meat (we assume it was deer) and cereal.

Who else have you examined and studied?

I have also had the opportunity to study King Tut.

How did King Tut die?

Believe it or not, he died from a broken leg.

Who or what inspired you?

When I was a teenager I developed an interest in Egyptian mummies, which became a passion for me. Never be afraid to follow your dreams!

Sean Gremminger, FMS Social Studies teacher developed this lesson.  GREAT JOB SEAN!

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