Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Help Desk Now a Service Desk

Dr. Bob Smiley, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Over the past several weeks we have been working on the Help Desk, developing it into a contemporary Service Desk.  This new Service Desk was launched October 18, 2013, and there is much to learn about its function and how we can grow our service to faculty and students.

We have updated the categories to reflect more contemporary language, and changed the way tickets are handled so they go directly to the Technicians and Innovation Specialists without any intervention by the Help Desk.  

Another change is that Innovation Specialists will receive tickets directly to their phones and their e-mail (just like the Technical Staff).  When a faculty member enters a ticket for support that is best answered by an Innovation Specialist, they receive the ticket directly - lowering the time to service the ticket dramatically. Technical problems will continue to go to Technicians, Innovation type questions will go directly to the Innovation Specialists. 

We have made many other changes and improvements that will dramatically improve the way we provide service and the timeliness of that service. 

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