Monday, October 28, 2013

China's Wisconsin Investments Include the School District of Janesville

As we move forward with our Janesville International Education Program (JIEP), and especially our ongoing alliance with educators and students in China, it is encouraging to see what’s happening around our state in terms of Wisconsin-China relations.

A recent (Oct. 19, 2013) article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted a growing trend of Chinese investments in Wisconsin. Those investments include:
·         The Marriott hotel in Milwaukee
·         The redevelopment of the Pabst Brewing complex in Milwaukee
·         The expansion of DeltaHawk Engines, a jet engine manufacturing plant in Racine
·         The use of private Chinese investment for a 700-room dorm at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chinese investment in Wisconsin is particularly active in the Milwaukee area after the seven-county Milwaukee metro area was designated a special investment zone for qualified foreign investors.

The School District of Janesville agrees that Chinese investments in Wisconsin benefit our state economically. In the case of the SDJ, the benefit is more than economic. Our students receive a direct educational benefit as the result of learning from a global perspective.

The contacts we have developed in China reinforce our understanding that Chinese educators desire a strong partnership with our district. This partnership provides a strong revenue and educational foundation for our JIEP program, which also includes ongoing and emerging opportunities with educators and students in Argentina, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Columbia, Mexico and Slovakia.

The SDJ welcomes foreign investment. It provides another revenue source that prepares our students with a global education necessary to succeed. We welcome the Chinese investment in the Milwaukee area, and we will continue our efforts here in Janesville to sustain and cultivate new global educational opportunities for our Janesville students.

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