Friday, September 27, 2013

Congratulations from BoE President Ardrey

Janesville Board of Education President Greg Ardrey along with Superintendent Schulte spoke to School District of Janesville staff (live on television and over the Internet) on Tuesday morning (9/24/13).  Board Commissioners and District Administration wanted to congratulate all staff and recognize their incredible efforts related to student achievement and the recently released state report cards.  President Ardrey’s statement can be seen below:

Good morning everyone,

 It is a great day for the School District of Janesville.

I am delighted to participate in this recognition/celebration day.  I say that as president and as a proud school board member, parent and spouse.

On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and thank you for your efforts that have produced the excellent scorecard results as a district and as individual schools.

I believe that our schools are gems and a marvelous community asset.  Yes, we have had some recent struggles and there are more to overcome.  We have what it takes – especially our talented faculty and staff – to help our students achieve far greater academic excellence and lead the School District of Janesville to be the very best in the state.

I want to pause a moment to recognize Superintendent Dr. Karen Schulte, I must say that she has honored President Truman’s desk sign “The buck stops here”.  Dr. Schulte has led the district during quite a tumultuous time with dignity and excellence while taking on the responsibility to drive academic improvements as laid out in the board’s goals.

Dr. Schulte, I applaud your efforts and the efforts of each and every staff member.

Thank You.

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