Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Would Like to Recognize...

Rock River Charter School (RRCS)

We have amazing employees that never stop raising the bar on supporting and educating Janesville students.  I am especially proud of the employees at RRCS.  Please read the following positive parent comments collected on Service Cards!

·      “RRCS saved my child’s future.”
·      “RRCS provides excellent service.”
·      “I am very pleased with the education my daughter has received at RRCS.”
·      “I am so happy with the changes in my son since he enrolled at RRCS.”
·      “I love the relaxed, student-focused program.”
·      “The staff always goes above and beyond to keep me informed about my grandson.”
·      “Thank you for being so supportive.”
·      “It’s a fantastic program and I am so happy it is part of our lives.”
·      “RRCS has helped my last 2 sons finish school on time and graduate with their class.”

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