Monday, July 1, 2013

Janesville Academy for International Studies

The Janesville Academy for International Studies (JAIS) opened in 2005 and features technologies as a primary tool in helping students investigate and connect with a wide range of global issues, while applying information and media literacy skills.

JAIS is a public, tuition free, high school for 11th and 12th grade students in the School District of Janesville.  Craig and Parker students earn three honors credits that are applied to their home high school report card and transcript.  Craig and Parker students schedule to attend JAIS with their high school guidance counselors with travel time to and from JAIS built into their schedule. 

JAIS scholars are recognized by the University Wisconsin system as well as Technical Colleges and other universities. This one-year study provides a unique transition from high school to higher learning institutions and to pursuing other avenues of training.

The mission of JAIS is to promote understanding and awareness of international business/culture/language while providing a continuing emphasis on a core academic base in existing curriculum content.
Their vision reflects key components of the School District of Janesville philosophy to:

  • Equip students to interact in a culturally and linguistically diverse environment.
  • Focus on problem solving, critical thinking, technology, global awareness, and responsible citizenship.
  • Enrich academic performance through partnerships with community, government, business, colleges and surrounding schools.
  • Nurture global perspectives and problem-based learning associated with international business, world language, or international studies.

Visit the new JAIS website for more information!

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