Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Be a Memorable Dad

Though we appreciate our fathers throughout the year, Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to thank them and show our appreciation for all they do.
Having made that important point, here are a few ideas suggested by Joe Kita, author of The Wisdom of Our Fathers:
  • Teach kids to be curious. Check out a flower, or study how a lawn mower or toaster works.
  • Be generous with your love and your time. It will help your children develop empathy and concern for other people.
  • Admit when you’re wrong.  Show your children its okay not to be perfect.
  • Show your children how to accept failure. If the kite crashes or the game won’t work, emphasize that it’s important to try again.
  • Be spontaneous. Show your children that you don’t always have to follow a plan. Let them know it’s all right to turn a different direction.
  • Emphasize good health by example. Exercise, eat well, and live a moral life.
  • Cultivate spirituality. Attend church or synagogue, or meditate on the wonders of nature. 

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