Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Four Janesville Students Named to 2013 Cullen Government Internship Program

Four Janesville high school students have been chosen to participate in the 2013 Cullen Government Internship Program. The students will be seniors in the fall. They are:

Kei Fujisawa
Kei Fujisawa, Craig H.S., son of Jennifer Bleak and Hiroshi Fujisawa. He is working in the office of Rep. Deb Kolste.

Samantha Harrington
Samantha Harrington, Craig H.S., daughter of Julie Dravus. She is working in Sen. Dale Schultz’s office.

Jordan Peyer
Jordan Peyer, Parker H.S., son of Bill and Fran Peyer. He is working in the office of Rep. Andy Jorgensen.

Grace Stewart
Grace Stewart, Parker H.S., daughter of Bruce and Wendy Stewart. She is working in Rep. Travis Tranel’s office.

In addition to staff duties in the legislative offices, the Cullen interns will meet with several state government officials including leaders from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Legislative Reference Bureau and the Legislative Audit Bureau. A meeting has also been scheduled with former Gov. Tony Earl.

While most of the six-week program focuses on state government, the Cullen interns will also meet with city, school, county and federal government representatives including Janesville City Council members and Janesville School Superintendent Karen Schulte.

Also being scheduled are meetings with Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, ABC Supply Founder and Chairman Diane Hendricks, and St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital President Kerry Swanson.

A tentative schedule for the interns is attached. These events could change, so please contact the advisors for further information.

The Cullen Government Internship Program was created and funded by Tim and Barb Cullen, to provide Craig and Parker students with an opportunity to pursue their interests in government and politics. No school district or other public funds are utilized in the program.

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