Thursday, June 6, 2013

Education during Vacation

It is tempting to think of summer or holiday breaks as vacation time rather than as opportunities for learning. Nothing is quite as nice as family and fun during winter holidays, and summer is a nice break from school when the weather is at its best. These breaks offer children the freedom to try new experiences outside of the often rigid structure of the school curriculum. The trick to helping your child get the most out of these breaks is planning.

For kids, new experiences can be more relaxing and refreshing than staying home. For example, you might require each child to find something to do during summer break that is a challenge. The challenge can be anything the child wants, but must be something that is different, difficult, and near the edge of the comfort zone. For example, a child might try karate, kayaking or creative writing.  

The School District of Janesville offers an incredible Summer School experience.  Summer School opportunities are still available, but classes are near or at capacity.  All students must be registered by Tuesday, June 11, 2013.  For Summer School questions, please call 608-743-5042.

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