Friday, May 17, 2013

Creating Global Partnerships

The benefits of a Global Education, and in particular the SDJ’s current relationships with China that will reach the students of the SDJ are astronomical. It is the goal of our district to provide an excellent education for all students, and here are a few ways that global partnerships help the SDJ to provide that excellent education.

·       Increasing Global Literacy
In today’s world, monolinguism is the equivalent to illiteracy in the global community. By developing partnerships with other communities worldwide, our children have the potential to develop and strengthen their competency with other languages. This will provide our students with the future ability to partner with other countries in business, politics, public service or any field they choose to go into. Our students will be prepared to work with our quickly advancing technology and compete in global markets.

·       Increasing Janesville’s Economic Development
As students come from other countries to study in Janesville, many of their parents will come too. These parents are connected to businesses and other sectors of their countries’ workforce. Through these relationships, the SDJ hopes to strengthen Janesville’s economy, thus providing for our students outside of the school day. The benefits of a strengthened economy affect students’ home lives, as well as their school lives, but also provides positive benefits for our parents and community members.

·       Increasing knowledge and skill base
In regards to our relationship with China, the Chinese are the best in the world when it comes to mathematics. By partnering with school districts in China, it is our goal to learn what China is doing right. Through observing Chinese teachers, we will be prepared to better educate the School District of Janesville students.

·       Increasing Our Children’s Comfort with Different Cultures
As mentioned before, it is becoming increasingly more important for our students to be comfortable with other cultures. Our world is flattening. We are becoming more intrinsically connected to other countries through private business and in the public sector. For our children to be competitive in the workforce, there is a growing need for them to understand and be comfortable with a variety of cultures across the globe.

·       Increase Our Children’s Marketability
Though I’ve mentioned this numerous times, I want to repeat once more: a global education makes our students competitive in the work world. We want our students to be competitive with any other student worldwide.

Our current partnership with China, and the potential for future partnerships in other countries, is wholly based on the School District of Janesville’s desire to provide an excellent education for our students. It is my desire to meet the specific needs of our students, preparing them for when they graduate, head to college or begin looking for employment.

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