Monday, April 1, 2013

The Home Stretch ~ The Essence of Teaching

Today, we begin the “Home Stretch”, the time between Spring Break and the end of the school year.  It is not a time to relax, but rather, a time to continue and finish the incredible work we have started.

As teachers and educators, we have access to the most valuable gift in the world, human personalities. Whether we teach in kindergarten or in high school, we find ourselves serving in the role of friend, counselor, co-learner, explorer, listener, translator, nurse, and disciplinarian – and on and on.

Although educators are called to many roles, there is a common factor underlying them all. To be a teacher is to be in a relationship with our students. The quality of this relationship is absolutely critical. No matter what the “content” of our teaching is, the outcome will be through our relationships with one another. If students could speak about how a teacher related well to them, they might say things like:
  • My teacher believed in me.
  • My teacher helped me have pride in what I do.
  • My teacher made learning fun.
  • My teacher always encouraged us to go one step further.
 Our work as a teacher is not one of “manufacturing smart children who have much factual knowledge. Rather it is helping children find that the adventure of learning is an enjoyable and motivating lifetime journey.

“A Good Teacher Explains….A Superior Teacher Demonstrates…
A Great Teacher Inspires.”


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