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Delta Kappa Gamma Writing Competition Winners!

During the 1982 Delta Kappa Gamma International Convention, a survey revealed that members saw a need for students to use their writing skills and artistic talents, hence; in 1985, Wisconsin established the Mary Jo Nettesheim Literary Competition.

Over the years, grades 3-8 were included, with Illustrator Awards being added in 1990. At this time, Wisconsin’s Sigma State is the only state in the Delta Kappa Gamma International Organization to sponsor a Literary Competition.

Local chapters contact schools in their area and provide them with competition rules, suggestions for getting started and the date finished books are due to the local chapter.  Each local chapter then judges the original fiction books based on Story Structure/Organization, Creativity/ Originality, Accomplished Spelling, Sentence Structure and Grammar, as well as, Presentation/Illustrations.

The local chapter 1st place winners at each grade level are sent to the state level.  The books are judged again, with these books also being judged for illustrations.  Illustrations are judged for their Originality, Appropriateness to text, Continuity throughout the story, Creative use of art media and techniques, Cover Design and Neatness. Winning books are displayed at the Spring Sigma State Convention.

Below you will find a list of the School District of Janesville winners:

Grade 3

1st PlaceThe Night I Saw the Tooth Fairy by Maddie McCormick – Kennedy

2nd Place (tie) – The Kindness Bucket by Ariana Pensy – Harrison

2nd Place (tie) – Dream in the Clouds by Audrey Bowditch – Harrison

3rd PlaceWhy Walk When You Can Wheel It by Abigail Young – Roosevelt

Honorable Mention (Writing) – Zortiex by Jordan Thompson – Harrison

Grade 4

2nd Place (tie) – Lucky Penny by Emma Bussan – Kennedy

2nd Place (tie) – Daisy’s Day Out by Claudia Fieiras – Washington

3rd PlaceBruce Learns a Lesson by Julie Hayes – Washington

Honorable Mention (Writing/Presentation) – Keep Dancing by Emma DiStefano - Harrison

Honorable Mention (Illustrations) – David’s Journey by Alissa Maenner – Washington

Grade 5

1st Place (tie) – How the S’more Came to Be by Hannah Fin – Harrison

1st Place (tie) – The World by Cecilia Harold – Roosevelt

2nd Place (tie) – Apples and Birthday Surprise by Makayla Kersten – Roosevelt

2nd Place (tie) – How Green Came to Be by Charlie Curtis – Washington

3rd Place (tie) – Changing History by Aiko Wolf – Roosevelt

3rd Place (tie) – The Hopper’s Secret by Natalie Newcomb – Harrison

Honorable Mention (Illustrations) – Noah’s Lesson by Brianna Stocks – Harrison

Honorable Mention (Illustrations) – Mr. Duck and the Ultimate Party Planners by Emily Klein – Harrison

Grade 6

3rd PlaceKay by Kianna Becker – Marshall

Students entered in the state competition are eligible to win awards for writing (literary) and illustrations.  Illustrations awards were given in many different categories. 

The following students were given awards at the state competition:

Grade 3

2nd place (Literary) – The Night I Saw the Tooth Fairy by Maddie McCormick

Grade 5

Cartoon AwardHow the S’more Came to Be by Hannah Finn

Grade 5

Mixed Media AwardThe World by Cecilia Harold


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