Thursday, March 7, 2013

Need help handling stress?

Consider our Employee Assistance Program!

What is an Employee Assistance Program?
An Employee Assistance Program (also called an EAP) is an employersponsored program designed to assist employees with jobrelated stress, personal problems or family issues.

How does the District’s EAP work?
Janesville Psychiatric Clinic is our EAP provider. They are a counseling center that provides a wide range of services for all ages. The school district’s plan will pay for up to three sessions with a certified counselor from Janesville Psychiatric Clinic. The goal of these sessions is to determine if a mental health issue is present and to assist the client in obtaining treatment.

Will my supervisor know I have used the EAP?
Absolutely not. Use of the EAP is completely confidential. Janesville Psychiatric Clinic does not release any information about participants to the district.

Who can use the EAP?
All employees of the school district as well as their spouses and children. You do not have to be a fulltime employee or carry our health insurance to use the EAP.

How do I access the Employee Assistance Program?
You can make an appointment for a consultation with Janesville Psychiatric Clinic by calling them. Their phone number is 7551475. Tell them you work for the School District of Janesville and would like to use our Employee Assistance Program.

Does this affect my health insurance benefits with the District?
Taking advantage of the EAP program does not access health insurance benefits whatsoever. This service is provided by the district and offered to everyone regardless of insurance coverage.

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