Monday, February 11, 2013

Teacher Leadership is an Essential Component to Academic Excellence

I am encouraged by the School District of Janesville’s (SDJ) grassroots attempts to plant and grow teachers in school leadership positions. At Parker High School, students and staff have already benefited from the leadership and service of our teacher leaders developing our Talented and Gifted (TAG) services and Common-Based Assessments (CBAs). The leadership of these teachers melds our staff as colleagues recognize these leaders are the ones most in tune with students’ and teachers’ perspectives. These teacher leaders also remain better connected to students and educators by staying in the professional field.

~ Steve Streiker, PHS Teacher “Grassroots Leadership, Teacher-Led Schools” (2/1/2013)

When Steve Streiker first sent me his e mail on teacher leaders in our district, I responded back, “You have to Blog this.”  I am in total agreement with Steve that teacher-leaders have been instrumental and are beneficial to our district. In fact, in many of our different employee groups leaders often emerge to train, mentor and implement ideas that our administrators cannot begin to address.  I would like to see a future system where employees taking on leadership roles can be paid an extra stipend (where not already occurring) for the contribution of their skillset. 

Many employees have special areas of expertise, but are not interested in the time commitment to being an administrator or manager. This is a way for employees to use their talents and still be involved in day to day operations or close involvement with children.

I believe it is important to continue to develop leadership skills no matter where you are in your employment journey.  The administrative team has benefited from realizing they never arrive as leaders, but are continuously growing and developing as leaders.

Thank you, Steve, for your excellent Blog and helping us to think outside of the box.

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