Monday, February 18, 2013

Build Educational Dreams in Children

As we reflect on another President’s Day, one can only imagine the pride someone would feel watching his/her son or daughter recite the oath of office.  Parents want their children to have the best and be the best.  Helping children work toward success begins with helping them build on their dreams.

For many children, dreams begin at an early age.  Other children do not begin to dream of their future until they are teenagers.  Regardless of the child’s age, it’s important to encourage children to dream and to take steps to reach his/her dreams.

Encourage children to discuss their dreams for the future.  Ask open-ended questions that will draw them to talk about the future.  Ask them what they love to do and why.  Their dreams may sound impossible, but discouraging children will only damper their ambition.

Encourage young people to discover their talents.  Suggest that college-bound teenagers go to “college campus” weekends to meet college staff and gain an idea of what college will be like.

Be a part of your children’s education.  Let them know education is important by attending and participating in different activities at their school.

Encourage children to dream.  Build their self-esteem.  Let them know it is possible to achieve their dreams if they work hard enough! 

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