Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Safety in our Schools

As a result of the violence at Sandy Hook the School District of Janesville in collaboration with the Janesville Police Department has worked hard to affirm for parents and the community the safety of our children is a combined top priority. For example; Project Direct Connect, in which there will be a police radio placed in each building that connects the school directly with each officer on duty in the case of an extreme emergency. 

You may also notice, when you visit buildings in the district, the manner in which you are greeted has changed.  Anyone greeting visitors at the door will ask:

  1. The visitors’ name
  2. The purpose of their business
  3. The name of the person the visitor plans to meet with

The School District of Janesville is asking that each visitor to district buildings be very patient and respond appropriately, as safety is our main concern. 

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