Monday, December 17, 2012

The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review

To stay consistent with our focus on transparency, I believe that it is important to keep district staff and the community up-to-date on the decisions that are being made. I will be reporting each Monday, through this blog, on the important events that occurred the previous week in a series titled “The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review”. This blog reviews what was a high priority for me the week before and explains the “why” behind important district decisions.

The week of December 10, 2012 was quite busy.  I participated in a staff information session led by Keith Fuchs of the Cooperative Educational Services Agency 6 (CESA 6).  The session focused on a proposed teacher evaluation system being designed and proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction (DPI).  Decisions regarding a future teacher evaluation system will need to be made, so I, along with my cabinet, am currently studying this issue.  Janesville Education Association President Dave Parr and Vice-President Jim Reif were invited and attended the informational session.

I also met with a community business leader that may be willing to support the School District of Janesville in the future as a strategic partner.  New Board of Education policy is being drafted so we can create more strategic alliances with potential business partners.

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