Monday, December 10, 2012

The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review

To stay consistent with our focus on transparency, I believe that it is important to keep district staff and the community up-to-date on the decisions that are being made. I will be reporting each Monday, through this blog, on the important events that occurred the previous week in a series titled “The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review”. This blog reviews what was a high priority for me the week before and explains the “why” behind important district decisions.

As Superintendent, I have a responsibility to make sure that School District of Janesville students are receiving the best possible education available.  To fulfill this obligation, I am conversing with our educational staff regarding assessments, standards-based report cards, curriculum-based assessments and the recently completed Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE).  Just last week, I met with the leadership team at Kennedy Elementary School to listen and discuss what is working well and what could be done to improve student achievement.  I find myself repeatedly asking the same question, “How do we know our students are learning and mastering the essential skills and standards”?  

This year, I also completed 128 thank you notes. I appreciate the work and initiative of our staff, as we move forward in providing an excellent education for our students. My hope is that by recognizing the positive work I see in our district, the staff will be reminded that they are providing an incredible service to our students and community and they are doing it well. My goal is to provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere to work and an excellent school district for students to be educated.

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