Friday, December 7, 2012

The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review

The School District of Janesville (SDJ) has long been recognized for the proven quality of its comprehensive approach to learning.  Grounded in the basics, instructional focus emphasizes developing literacy in writing, reading and mathematics. Additional primary attention from its award winning teaching staff and administrative team places priority on knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with the natural sciences, humanities, communication arts, vocational and business career and technical education, visual and performing arts, as well as physical development.

Throughout the past 16 months, the SDJ has revealed a new focus on communication and transparency.  Internal communications has become a top priority as staff and employees now receive updates from Board of Education meetings as well as weekly updates from my office regarding district news, events and recognitions.  SDJ websites have been redesigned with a focus on reliable communication and consistent information.   My cabinet and I are also blogging every day.  The Superintendent’s Blog allows me to communicate not only with district staff, but also parents, families and the community. 

To stay consistent with our focus on transparency, I believe that it is important to keep district staff and the community up-to-date on the decisions that are being made.  I will be reporting each Monday, through my blog, on the important events that occurred the previous week in a blog series titled “The Superintendent Chronicle: A Week in Review”.  The blog will review what was a high priority for me the week before and explain the “why” behind important district decisions.  Please sign-up to follow my blog at for up-to-date, important district news.

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