Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Technology News: Secure Print

The School District of Janesville is in the process of improving printing efficiencies and controlling its associated costs.  One of the features we are implementing is called “Secure Print.”

In a standard printing environment, print jobs are sent directly to the printer for immediate printing. This frequently results in wasted paper and toner when print jobs are forgotten and not collected. It also presents a security risk if the information in those forgotten print jobs was sensitive or confidential.

“Secure Print” uses the same technology that controls the security for our buildings to control the security for our print jobs.  This software “holds” the print jobs until the staff member uses their building security fob to release it for printing.  By using the existing building security technology, we assure that all staff print jobs remain confidential until they are there to collect their work from the printer; and we lower our printing costs because print jobs sent to the printer, but not collected, no longer cost us.  

Secure printing is being implemented in the School District of Janesville.  Half of the district is done and we anticipate that the entire district being completed by mid to late-January.

Secure Print offers:

Confidentiality - sensitive jobs are held until the user is available to collect them.  Jobs only print when released by the user.

Reduced wastage - no more uncollected print jobs, and no more wasted paper or toner.  Print jobs not released will not be printed, therefore, it automatically saves money.

Building Budget Savings – the cost savings associated with Secure Print remain with the schools, offering more resources for classrooms.

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