Friday, December 14, 2012

School Volunteers Deserve Our Praise

Due primarily to recent changes in USDA nutrition standards, health department regulations and sanitation codes, the SDJ’s Food Services department will be preparing and providing a breakfast to all elementary students through the Universal Free Breakfast program (UFB). Under the new model, preparation of the breakfast, purchasing of the food, the direct serving to the students will now be the responsibility of, and will be performed by, the District’s food service staff.

Although these changes will be taking place, there is still a significant need for volunteers. Roles, such as supervisors, mentors and positive role models, are still very important. We are asking for a continued partnership with all breakfast club volunteers, beginning on January 28, 2013, to help in these areas. The SDJ has been incredibly thankful for the time and investment of local churches and professional service clubs. Our students have benefited from their sacrifices of time and resources, and the help they have provided over the years, especially through the operation of the breakfast clubs.

These volunteers have daily impacted hundreds of students. The SDJ recognizes that the caring for our children is a great measure of any community and Janesville, through its’ volunteers, has always provided a significant amount of volunteer talent and effort to meet the needs of our District and its students. We are blessed to have our volunteers, and our hope is that you continue to partner with us, even with these new changes being implemented.

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