Friday, October 19, 2012

What is Your What?

Keith Pennington, Chief Financial Officer for the School District of Janesville, shares his “whats” to help School District of Janesville employees better understand his leadership style.  What drives Keith?

1.      Accuracy- He strives for accuracy in all that he does. With financial information, it is essential that it is accurate at all times. If inaccurate information is given out, then the business office will lose credibility. Because of this, accuracy regarding all information is absolutely critical.
2.      Customer Service- The primary customers for the School District of Janesville business office are school district employees. Because of the internal nature of his work, Keith strives for the best customer service. It is top priority for employees to receive accurate information in a timely manner.
3.      Team Work- In his eyes, it is imperative in a work environment that coworkers work together towards fixing problems. If someone identifies a problem, they should also be able to present potential solutions. The focus of any department should be working to resolve problems, not placing the blame. When people work together, there is more power than when they work apart.

Keith hardwires a culture where his staff understand his “whats” through supervision, communication and consistency. By maintaining consistent communication, he is able to ensure his staff know and understand his what’s. The more that they hear his “whats” the more likely they are to retain and respond to them.

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