Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Talented and Gifted Services in the School District of Janesville Part 2 – Services Offered for Talented and Gifted Students

Gifted Education extends across all grade levels, subject areas and avenues for learning.  Our approach to programming is designed to enrich and extend the development of all students who perform at high levels or who show the potential to perform at high levels in any of the five areas of giftedness defined in Wisconsin State Statute. 

The School District of Janesville uses the Wisconsin Comprehensive Integrated Gifted Programming Model, sometimes referred to as the Pyramid Model. In this model, options and services become more specialized as the identified population becomes smaller.

The Pyramid Model specifies 3 levels of programming options:

The first level includes regular classroom differentiation such as:
  • Integrated Instruction
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Technological Applications
  • Enrichment/Acceleration
  • Cluster Grouping
  • Pre-testing
  • Learning Centers
  • Simulations
  • Independent Projects/Products (Modification of content, process, products)
  • Flexible grouping and regrouping
The second level includes opportunities beyond the classroom such as:
  • Seminars
  • Academic Clubs
  • Advanced Courses/Classes
  • Contracting
  • Performance Oriented Competitions
  • Math and Writing Contests
  • Leadership, Athletic and/or Fine Arts Opportunities
  • Mini Courses/Workshops
  • AP Classes
  • Foreign Exchange Program         

The third level includes Individualized Services such as:   
  • Differentiated Education Plans 
  • Concurrent Enrollment 
  • Course Waivers
  • Course Acceleration
  • Post Secondary Options
  • Challenge Magnet School
  • Independent Research
  • Internships
  • Early Education
  • Grade Acceleration

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